Jewellery for Western Wear

6 Stunning Jewellery for Western Wear

If you're a woman from India, you adore your traditional jewellery and know just how to pair it with your outfits. Beautiful Diamond jewellery, pearl necklaces, and other traditional jewellery have always captivated our interest and obsession.

We constantly come up with excuses to wear ethnic clothing simply so we play around with various types of gorgeous traditional jewellery. However, do you ever consider wearing your ethnic jewellery with western clothing?

The purpose of jewellery today is more about creating a statement and raising your style quotient than simply adding glitter to your attire.

A striking fashion statement that expresses your sense of style and creativity is the Indo-Western apparel and jewellery combination. When worn correctly, western clothing with our stylish Indian jewellery for western wear makes a gorgeous ensemble.

The best way to enhance your style game is with jewellery. Although it can be a little complicated, wearing ethnic jewellery with gown can look incredibly gorgeous!

Trendy Ways for Styling Indian Jewellery for Western Wear

Here are some amazing ideas for how to wear stunning ethnic jewellery for party with western attire:

Statement Necklace with a Crisp White Shirt

White shirts represent the pinnacle of business attire, formality, and professionalism. But after several times of wearing them, they can get rather boring. By pairing it with a gorgeous statement necklace, you may infuse new life into your worn-out white shirt. If you want to keep your necklace the centre feature of your ensemble, you can wear jeans or an ethnic skirt to maintain the Indo-western aesthetic. You may have an edgy style and wear white shirts to work, family gatherings, events, etc. by pairing them with a striking necklace. Add elegance with the striking neckpiece to any LBD (little black dress), gown, or off-the-shoulder dress! You may maintain the Indo-Western aesthetic by donning a skirt, or you could opt for jeans to make your necklace the focal point of your outfit. You would look amazing if you add the lovely Indian touch to every Western suit.

A Diamond Necklace With a Brown Dress

Who said a formal gown dress can not be worn with a traditional ornament? The secret is to match the proper accessories with the dress.If you want your strapless gown and jewellery to get  attention, wear the dress with just a statement diamond necklace. Additionally, to highlight the outfit, wear your hair in a sleek bun, and you’re all set to go. If you're going to a black-tie event, choose a strapless dress and show off your stunning Diamond necklace. This is a tried-and-true combo, as evidenced by the numerous Bollywood leading actresses who are dressed in the style. To elegantly contrast and accentuate your Diamond necklace  with gown, pick a plain gown in a dark colour. Generally, these necklaes for party is light in colour and grand in size and design.

Silver Jewellery for a Boho-chic Look

Compared to other precious metals, silver jewellery for western wear has a special appeal of its own. Jewellery made of pure silver or even oxidised silver has a really bohemian vibe. Do you want to try a maxi dress? To complete the look, wear it with a silver coin necklace. To enhance your boho-chic style, you may also wear your necklace with a cold shoulder top. If you want to appear more sophisticated, wear your silver necklace or a pair of silver danglers with a formal shirt. Another option is to utilise a full set of jewellery with gown, such as a necklace, rings, bracelets, and earrings, to add some style to a basic bodycon dress. If you want to look more stylish and charming, the ideal alternative for you is to wear your chunky silver necklace with a white shirt and pants! Additionally, you can wear a large silver neckpiece over a tube top with your blazers or jackets.

Pair your LBD with Jhumkas

Don't you think we all adore jhumkas, chaandbalis, and danglers? A gorgeous pair of earrings for western dresses can add appeal to even the most basic clothing. Similarly, you may wear jhumkas with a shirt and ripped jeans, a printed jumpsuit, or a loose shrug for a bohemian look. For special events, you can wear jhumkas with an off-the-shoulder dress, a tube or crop top, a pencil skirt, or high-waisted jeans. Always choose a little black dress if you're unsure. This timeless, versatile piece of clothing may be worn for any occasion and is available in a plethora of styles. Pair this time-tested classic with your favourite pair of jhumkas for a fresh look! With the appropriate accessories, even the most basic of ensembles may look better. You may be sure that you'll turn heads by wearing your LBD with some stunning jhumkas.

Silver Bangles Instead of Stacking Bracelets

Despite the fact that stacking bracelets is one of the biggest fashion trends. It is all about defying convention and developing your own sense of style. Wearing a stack of silver bangles can help you advance this style. To make your bangle stack stand out, make sure your ensemble is monochromatic and devoid of any distracting prints or patterns. Without a doubt, you should try this trendy look!

Anklets with Cropped Jeans

Anklets are another item of jewellery that every Indian woman owns. Anklets are a long-standing custom that has decorated our feet for hundreds of years, ranging from basic silver payals to opulent gold ghungroos. By wearing your anklets with cropped jeans or pants, you may add a trendy touch to your overall ensemble. This is the look for you if you enjoy wearing fusion clothing or desire to keep current. You can also decide to wear a single anklet as opposed to a pair to express your personal style.

Indian jewellery comes in a wide range of patterns, styles, and categories. You can expand your options even further by wearing them with western attire. Even the most basic attire may look stunning with the help of these handy tips. So go ahead, shop at TrueSilver and pair your ethnic jewellery with western clothing while adding some glitter to your appearance with these recommendations! Never forget that less is more! Give each statement piece you choose a chance to shine out by choosing just one at a time.