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Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Initial Name Couple Bracelet for Women
  • Rs. 2,500.00
  • Rs. 2,099.00
Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Heart with Initial Couple Bracelet for Teen Women
  • Rs. 2,500.00
  • Rs. 2,299.00
Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Initial Infinity Name Couple Bracelet for Teen Women
  • Rs. 2,500.00
  • Rs. 1,999.00
Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Name Bracelet for Girls & Women
  • Rs. 2,500.00
  • Rs. 2,299.00
Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Name Heart Bracelet for Teen Women
  • Rs. 3,000.00
  • Rs. 1,899.00
Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Initial Link Bracelet for Teen Women
  • Rs. 2,500.00
  • Rs. 1,809.00
Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Initial Link Bracelet for Teen Women
  • Rs. 2,500.00
  • Rs. 1,999.00
Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Name Inspiration Message Bracelet for Teen Women
  • Rs. 2,500.00
  • Rs. 2,199.00
925 Sterling Silver Personalised Name Inspiration Message Bracelet for Teen Women
  • Rs. 3,000.00
  • Rs. 2,199.00

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925 Sterling Silver 14K Gold Plated Infinity Adjustable Hand Wrist Mangalsutra Bracelet for Women
  • Rs. 2,799.00

Buy Silver Bracelet for Men & Women

A great outfit is not complete without great accessories. After all, it’s not just about what dresses and clothes you wear, it is also about what your wear alongside it to complete the attire. Some of the most memorable parts of great outfits can often be the accessories, especially when used to draw the audience's attention towards certain flairs and features.

And all of this is doubly true for women who have so many beautiful options to pick from! A crucial part of picking the right accessories is ensuring that it is not too gaudy or too simple. This is why silver bracelet for girls are so popular. They are supremely versatile and can be an ideal choice for many an outfit & occasion! There is an unmistakable charm and grace to bracelets that make them so popular.

And bracelets aren’t a new trend or fad either! These beauties have adorned the wrists of both men and women as far back as 2600 B.C., all the way back to the culturally rich & historical riverbanks of Mohenjo-Daro settlements. In fact, bangles are noted to be the first instance of archaeologists finding evidence of human culture! Back then bracelets were carved out of terracotta, stone, shells, copper and other similarly crude materials. And they were a sign of eternal bonds, love and other warm feelings.

And the trend continues, women throughout history have worn exquisite bracelets - from Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth! A proof that bracelets look effortless and can easily dress up any outfit.

TrueSilver offers the latest and greatest designs from LeCalla - an industry leader in creating beautiful and eye-catching designs of silver bracelets for men & women. Each silver bracelet design is handpicked and curated by experts to help you stylize your outfits better - whether you are looking for a modest bracelet to add some subtle charm or something dazzling to up the ante on a date night - we’ve got something just for you!

Sparklink Silver Bracelets for Girls & Boys

With so many choices of silver bracelets for girls, it may often seem difficult to select the perfect bracelet. Between browsing the designs at various shops and comparing the prices - it’s not a pleasant shopping experience. Thankfully, on TrueSilver you can browse the latest on the most complete collection of silver bracelets from LeCalla to your heart's content. Whether you are looking for something low-key or stand out stunning, we are sure to have it.

How to Style Silver Bracelets
There’s more to styling bracelets than putting them on your wrist and calling it a day. One has to pick the right style of bracelet to suit their outfit and ensure that it fits your style and personality. Here are the different types of silver bracelet designs for girls & boys that you can shop:

Chain Bracelets
One of the reasons why these are a very popular style of silver bracelets for boys is because these bracelets can add a stylish edge to an otherwise simple and basic outfit. You can up the ante further by pairing your chain link bracelet with chain-link necklaces.

Pearl Bracelets
A staple of women’s jewellery, pearls bracelets are perfect for mixing and matching with your outfit to set an outfit apart with a new-age flashy glow. Alternatively, a sober pearl bracelet can add femininity and grace to an edgier outfit with ease.

Beaded Bracelets
These are perfect for those looking for a light & comfortable bracelet. This particular silver bracelet design for girls gives the jeweller a lot of flexibility and options - giving the users in turn the most amount of creative and eye-catching bracelets. These can often be paired with watches and other wrist accessories.

Sardar Kada in Silver
We offer a Silver Bangle Bracelet for every man in unique designs, especially sardar kada this special bangle holds a lot of religious importance and it can be styled with just about everything - the sardar kada design is straightforward and gives your outfits exception style and importance style. You can shop for the latest and greatest online collection of sardar kada in silver on our website.

Men’s Bracelets
For men’s bracelets the name of the game is accents - aim to pick a colour from your outfit and amplify it with stylish silver bracelets for boys to create a stellar look. Doing this correctly will give your outfit the extra ounce of oomph that you desire.

Stylish Silver Bracelet Designs at Best Prices on TrueSilver

You can shop the latest and greatest silver bracelets for women and men to create the fashion statement you want to show the world. From pearl bracelets, silver bracelets with engravings to chainlink bracelets - you will find the best selections here. There are options that look good with traditional wear and officewear too! We offer various designs to best suit your needs, whether you want a silver bracelet design that stands out at a traditional wedding or something that sets you apart at the next board meeting. We also offer intertwined chain bracelets made of rose gold & sterling silver to help you pick the perfect metal for the occasion. Gold bracelets are almost exclusively used for traditional events while silver bracelets are preferable for everyday use or corporate events.

Kada, bracelets and necklaces are often seen as symbols of luck, good fortune and faith - to help preserve your valuable feelings, we offer special silver bracelets for women & men that can be engraved with anything from your initials to various symbols of faith.

Why TrueSilver?

At TrueSilver we offer you an exclusive collection of LeCalla silver bracelets for boys and girls for every occasion. Based on your preferences of styles, colours, stones and engraving - you can choose from our wide range of bracelets for yourself or even for gifting for someone you love.

Whether you are heading to a wedding or you want to wearing something traditional for a sangeet ceremony, we have the best designs to help you up your wedding outfit game. Our bracelets are light, lustrous and extremely suitable for big Indian weddings!

And the fun doesn’t to stop with men and women, we offer silver bracelets for boys and girls too! Whether you are buying something for your child or even something for their naming ceremony.

At TrueSilver, we offer you express delivery options, and you can even purchase the bracelets according to customised patterns.

And if you are worried about the quality of your purchase, don’t fret! For the last 20 years, our parent company has been named by the government of India as the largest exporter of Silver jewellery in India.

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