How to Wear Cufflinks with Suit

How to Wear Cufflinks with Suit

What are Cufflinks?

Are you wondering what cufflinks are? Cufflinks are a fashionable and quite a useful accessoryThey are typically used with dress shirts and suits to serve as elegant cuff closures. They offer a sophisticated and eye-catching touch to formal and semi-formal apparel, making them more sophisticated and eye-catching than standard buttons. A dress shirt with French cuffs, sometimes known as double cuffs, is required to use cufflinks. 

These longer cuffs have holes on both sides, creating a fold that can be secured with cufflinks. Moreover, cufflink shirt with suit adds a refined flair to a suit, making them popular for formal occasions and professional settings. Cufflinks are a classic and versatile option, complementing a wide range of suit colors, including black, grey, navy, and certain shades of brown. The subtle shine of silver adds a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance. 

When to Wear Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are versatile accessories that can be worn on various occasions, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit. Understanding when and how to wear cufflinks with suits can elevate your style and make a lasting impression. Stay tuned till the end as we will explore the correct way to wear cufflinks in detail. Here are some appropriate occasions to wear suit cufflinks.  

Formal Events: Cufflinks are a must-have for formal events such as black-tie galas, weddings, charity balls, and award ceremonies. They add a refined touch to your dress shirt and suit, demonstrating your attention to detail and sartorial finesse. 

Business Meetings: Opting for cufflinks in a business setting showcases professionalism and authority. It's a subtle way to stand out and display confidence in your appearance, especially during important meetings and presentations. 

Corporate Functions: When attending corporate events, conferences, or networking gatherings, wearing cufflinks can enhance your overall image and leave a lasting impression on colleagues and potential clients. 

Professional Interviews: If you want to make a memorable first impression during job interviews, wearing cufflinks can set you apart from other candidates. However, ensure the cufflinks are appropriate for the industry and company culture. 

Special Celebrations: For important occasions such as anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and holiday gatherings, cufflinks can be a meaningful complement to your wardrobe. They offer a sophisticated touch to your ensemble, making you see and feel exceptional. 

Cultural and Social Events: Cultural gatherings, theater performances, and exclusive social events are ideal occasions to showcase your style with cufflinks. They add an air of elegance and individuality to your ensemble. 

Gifted Accessories: If you have received cufflinks as a gift, wearing them on various occasions shows appreciation for the gesture and adds sentimental value to your attire. 

How to Use Cufflinks?

Let's first understand how to use cufflinks on shirts. So, when you want to wear cufflink shirt with suit choose a dress shirt with french cuffs. Most importantly, make sure that your dress shirt has cuffs size accommodate cufflinks. 

Match Cufflinks with the Suit: Select cufflinks that complement the color and style of your suit. Silver cufflinks are a safe and versatile choice for most suits. 

Prepare the Cuffs: Before putting on the dress shirt, fold back the French cuffs so that the buttonholes align, creating a neat fold. 

Insert the Cufflinks: Hold the folded cuffs together, then insert the cufflink through both buttonholes from the outside in. The decorative face of the cufflink should be visible on the outer side of the cuff.

Secure the Cufflinks: Most cufflinks have a hinged bar or a bullet back mechanism. Flip this to secure the cufflink in place, ensuring it locks the cuffs tightly. 

Adjust for Comfort: Check that the cufflinks are not too tight or too loose. You should be able to slide a finger between the cuff and your wrist comfortably. 

Final Checks: Confirm that both cufflinks are properly fastened and aligned symmetrically. They should be visible when your arms are resting by your side. 

By knowing when and how to wear cufflinks correctly, you can confidently incorporate these stylish accessories into your attire, adding a touch of sophistication to any suitable occasion. 

Different Cufflink Parts

Now that you have learned the correct way to wear cufflinks! Let’s further explore the types of cufflinks and their different cufflink parts. Cufflinks are intricate and stylish accessories that secure dress shirt cuffs with elegance and precision. They consist of various parts, including the front face, post or shank, flap or toggle, bullet back, whale back, chain link, ball return, and fixed backing. Understanding these parts helps appreciate their craftsmanship and ensures proper wear with your suit.  

The front face is the visible decorative part, while the shank is a thin bar that passes through buttonholes on the cuffs. The flap or toggle is located at the end of the post, swinging or flipping to secure the cufflink. 

The whale back is a popular flap, while the chain link cufflinks have two decorative faces connected by a chain for a flexible fit. Ball return cufflinks have a round or spherical backing with a hollow center, and fixed backings permanently attach the post and flap to the front face. Understanding these parts will elevate your cufflink shirt with suit for formal and semi-formal attire. 

Types of Cufflinks

Truesilver cufflinks are a popular and sought-after form of cufflink, which is noted for its timeless charm and outstanding adaptability. These cufflinks make superb accessories created to use with suits, giving grace to any formal look. Check out some of our best cufflinks listed below to simply boost your style. Whether you're attending a black-tie event or a business meeting. Don’t just add it to cart but also avail them at discounted prices right away!  

18K Gold-Plated Greek Key Cufflink

18K Gold-Plated Greek Key Cufflink















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925 sterling silver 18K gold-plated Greek Key cufflinks combines elegance and sophistication with ancient Greek charm. The design features the iconic Greek Key pattern, also known as the "meander" or "Greek fret," symbolizing eternal flow and continuity. The intricate detailing showcases the fine craftsmanship and rich heritage of Greek culture. The cufflinks are plated with 18K gold, adding a touch of luxury and opulence. The stunning contrast between sterling silver and gold creates a stunning contrast, making them a statement piece that enhances any formal or semi-formal outfit. These cufflinks are perfect for birthdays, Father's Day, or special occasions, celebrating the personality and heritage of your loved ones. 

Square Cufflinks with Micro Pave Set White CZ Cufflink

Square Cufflinks with Micro Pave Set White CZ Cufflink















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The LeCalla Square Cufflinks are crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver, these square cufflinks showcase exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The sleek and modern design exudes elegance and sophistication, making them a versatile addition to any dress shirt. The micro pave set of dazzling white CZ stones adds a brilliant sparkle, reminiscent of fine diamond jewelry. The combination of sterling silver and CZ stones strikes the perfect balance between elegance and luxury, making these cufflinks suitable for various formal occasions and celebrations. The secure hinged back closure ensures a snug fit and prevents accidental slip.  So, you can easily put on the cufflinks without any hassle.  

Personalised Silver Infinity Symbol & Last Name Cufflink

Personalised Silver Infinity symbol & Last Name Cufflink















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The LeCalla Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Cufflinks are a unique and meaningful accessory designed for men and boys. The special features of these cufflinks showcase a timeless infinity symbol, representing love and boundless connections. The personalization option allows for the recipient's name, creating a one-of-a-kind accessory. The engraved last name adds a personal touch, making these cufflinks special. The cufflinks are both practical and comfortable to wear, with a secure hinged back closure. These cufflinks make for a thoughtful and touching gift, serving as a constant reminder of the strong bond and love shared between the wearer and the special man in their life. 


Truesilver offers a captivating collection of high-quality and stylish silver cufflinks, perfect for men and boys, including fathers and grandfathers. These versatile accessories come in classic 925 sterling silver cufflinks, intricate designs and can also be personalized by engraving initial or name on the same. Their understated charm and brilliant shine add sophistication to any dress, shirt and suit making it refined.

Truesilver's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that each cufflink is a masterpiece, reflecting the brand's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. These exquisite and meaningful cufflinks elevate attire, show appreciation to special men, and make a lasting impression.

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